Can't Unsee

A simple game to test your Design skills πŸ–Œ

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2019

Can't Unsee is a simple design game where you test your design knowledge by choosing the right iteration of the Design

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Interesting project. I feel like some of the questions are a little subjective however just based on current design trends. Examples being: Search bar radius - some search bars don't have to have radi corners. Just because google and others are doing it doesn't mean every search bar needs to have a radius on its corners. Some brands and logos might do better with the 90 degree corners or some might do well without having any box at all and opting just for the search button to click on. Another example: on the 72' Fender Telecaster image - it says that the Photo Aspect ratio should "fill the box" however - if I was buying a vintage guitar I would want to see the entire image in case of damage or other things that might show up on the guitar itself. If you make it fill the box, you crop off the top and bottom of the guitar and you lose details that might otherwise be important to see/view if you were buying this guitar in a real life scenario. Since we don't know the context of the app itself its hard to see how the user journey might be impacted (sure they might be able to click on the picture to get a full size view if it was set to fill the aspect ratio - however we do not know that with the information provided so I assume it doesn't have this functionality since we can't see the journey before/after the screen we are provided) -- Overall though, I do like the test. Just a few things like above that might turn some heads on why you have to design it like that - at least looking at it myself. I had fun taking it though and it was a fun project to make I am sure! The search bar questions and things were a lot of fun.
@mastemine +1, the search bar without border radius being wrong made me irrationally angry. Still a cool site though πŸ˜ƒ.
8130 in 00:14:22 πŸ’ͺEnjoyed it. Will be back after bragging a bit about it πŸ˜…

Great exercise for designers.


It was a great test to notice the small differences between two images.


3 rounds of 18 was a little much and after finishing I had a little bit a headache from the eye strain.

Did like 1750 points on the first 18 questions. Not a designer, but great questions. Will be great to make it by categories for mobile or web apps.
@syswarren I would pay to see your score on this
@aaronoleary I'm waiting for the πŸ’°, do you need my paypal?