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I honestly would give up my couch for a good six pack
@brackin this is the best feedback we've received so far. Thanks much. Seriously.
@brackin @micahkulish good is the key here. @thetylerhayes, @owenfi, and I have been hosting a friend who is moving his company to SF for a few months. Love having him on the couch, hate that he pays us in Tecate.
@brackin @thetylerhayes @owenfi @willimholte To be honest, good beer is a key part of our business model. Without it, the entire community crumbles.
@thetylerhayes @owenfi @willimholte @micahkulish I hosted some guests that were friends of friends. On the last day they left a nice note and three six packs of great beer! Was amazing.
I definitely had a few months where I was doing this. I used a combination of friend's couches / extra beds and Hotel Tonight to pay 0 rent for 14 months in SF. It worked, but was a pain after a while so we stopped. Something like this would definitely be useful.
@jwmares justin thanks for the love. i think everyone who has bought into this "sharing economy" lifestyle has run into their fair share of friction points and awkward situations. we want 'Can I Stay with You While I Rent My Place on Airbnb' to be a resource for people in those situations.
Brilliant! And a product like this makes it easier for landlords to find tenants renting out their units on Airbnb in violation of their leases. Being in a rent controlled apartment, collecting more than you pay in rent on a daily basis and failing to get permission from your landlord are good indications of the level of risk you're taking. http://www.nolo.com/legal-encycl...
@sbermo Excuse my ignorance, but how is this easier than just doing a search on Airbnb?
@willimholte Easier = more of a digital trail
@sbermo I don't really see how this service would meaningfully change the process of discovering/collecting evidence on tenants breaching their lease agreements. Is it just that if a landlord wanted to evict you he or she would want to collect as much evidence as possible—and if somehow he/she was able to get data from these guys it'd be more evidence against you?
@willimholte I dunno, man. All I'm saying is: If you're a renter and put it on Airbnb, don't get evicted.
Yo dawg :)
@zackshapiro when we created Can I Stay with You While I Rent My Place on Airbnb' our main goal was to figure out how to resurrect xzibit's classic meme. thanks for the love!
@micahkulish mission accomplished
My buddy @jwmares bounced around a similar idea with me several months ago. I know some people occasionally rent out their apartment in SF and crash at a friends house to mitigate the ridiculous housing cost in the city. @micahkulish how are you matching people up? Perhaps a doodle-like calendar picker would help people find a time they're both available.
@rrhoover As @micahkulish said, we've kept it pretty rudimentary, but we also thought the simplicity is great for the audience and keeps it a little more personal as well. Airbnb is already a pretty tight-knit community, so creating something that will help hosts help each other out will be even more tight-knit. So, at the moment we're simply making intros.
@rrhoover right now our "match-maker" is extremely rudimentary. we built this product in about three days. we wanted to release it and then begin adding features to better match users.