Campus Steps

Get into the best college

Hi All, We think that it's crucial (and about time) for all students to have equal access to quality engaging college counseling. Campus Steps is an online platform for high school counselors and students planning for college. With Campus Steps counselors can: Connect with students and view their academic resumes and college goals Quickly and easily manage and message students individually, in groups, or all at once Access a library of deliverable college counseling content With Campus Steps Students can: Create a resume with all the info they'll need to apply for college Take a college-matching quiz resulting in a tailored list of potential colleges Learn how they stack-up against other applicants Receive valuable college prep tips from our experts
Since the average high school student only gets 20 minutes of college counseling per year, there's a huge need for an easy to use tool. Most kids don't ever see their college counselor, and don't have $3000 to spend on an independent counselor.
This is interesting - I particularly like the focus on connecting people to a counselor. Where did you all get the data for counselors have many been open to using something like this to discuss the college search with various students around the country?
@abargmann Hey Alex, yes counselors have been super excited about finally having a platform that lets students engage in the college search WITH their counselors outside of the few minutes they have together in person. What data for counselors were you wondering about?
I had the pleasure of working on Campus Steps since it began until the end of 2014. There have been many improvements since and I'm excited to see it help students this school year!