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I haven't been a student for a pretty long time but I wish I had something like Campus Bubble when I was still in school.
@syswarren Same here. Receiving a global email for each class, event, administrative task, and others was such a pain. It also made it feel very impersonal to exchange with teachers that way. There's definitely an opportunity there.
@thibautdavoult I was always missing something with emails.
Nice UI.
Hi everyone! I am co-founder and product designer at Campus Bubble. I'm here to answer any questions you might have. Together with @Barkoffdeli and @quizbiz, we started Campus Bubble while we were students at Emory University. Since then, we've expanded to 11 schools and grown our Atlanta based team. We connect and engage both students and educators on a private platform built for universities to increase student engagement and recruitment yield. And a big thanks to @syswarren for hunting us!
@giohobbins do you plan on adding the ability to register your own school?
@bryceoflife Not currently. We carefully brand each Bubble according to school colors and prepopulate it with content and groups relevant to the area/campus. We think the custom aspect is crucial to adoption. Do you agree?
@giohobbins Does this have an LMS component or the ability to connect with an LMS?
@teecycletim Hi Tim, we integrate with LMS and SIS systems as well as single sign on authentication systems.