Campus Books

All your university textbooks in one place

Access all of your textbooks and reading lists on Campus, across all devices. No need to waste time, money, or space on physical textbooks anymore.

At Campus, we provide the tools for students to share notes and collaborate on every book. Stuck on a chapter? Ask for help from students around the world.

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Seems incredibly interesting. So I pay just one fee and have digital access to all of my course materials (in terms of the books of course)?
@dillon_carter Yes Dillion, thats exactly it! πŸ‘Œ
@tomsharmanweb ok.... now you have me even more intrigued lol. Without giving away your IP, how are you even able to do this legally? I spend $600-800 a semester on books, this would save me a huge amount and put everything on my iPad for each of use and mobility.
@dillon_carter Haha all the books are licensed :) Think Spotify or Netflix, just for books!
@dillon_carter Thanks! I'll pass on the message to our hard-working tech team
Wish I had something like this during university. Would have saved me a lot of money. Great job!