Nab that sold-out campsite!

Most campsites are sold-out months in advance. Did you know that many of these reservations are cancelled—and the campsites go unused? Our app scans for these openings. Just tell us where, when, and how long you want to camp for. We’ll text you when a suitable spot opens up!

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Hi PH! Last summer, my friend @shelkie couldn’t book a campsite. Everything was sold-out, and he was kind of pissed. At the last minute, his wife (Kim) spotted a new availability and they immediately booked it. This led him to ask: “How often do new campsites become available—without anyone knowing?” The answer: Very often. Turns out many thousands of campers cancel their campsite reservations every day. Most times, these sites go unused, and everyone loses out. This led @shelkie to build a little tool, so, he could nab spots when they opened up. A short while later we opened this up to B.C. residents. As it worked well here, we went on to add Ontario, and National Parks in Canada. Then, we added Washington State, Oregon, and California. Most recently, we added all parks managed by (This adds a lot of areas in the U.S. as they manage a lot of parks/campgrounds.) We both like how Campnab helps people get outside, and spend time together around a campfire. We hope it helps you do the same! Eric
No joke. I spent 2 hours last night looking for camp sites, and then I thought that I needed a tool that does exactly this... but I am running into issues: 1. I need to be able to pick what kind of camping (RV, Tent, Cabin.. so on) cause finding RV spots when I need a tent spots is no good. 2. I get to Step 6, and there's nothing else. Pay-per-use option is checked but I get no buttons or instructions to what's next (phone verified). So I don't know if I signed up, or what to expect.. it just leaves me hanging wondering if it worked. 3. The pricing of pay-per-use seems way high compared to the actual price of camping.
I refreshed the page, and went through the form again, this time I got the pricing table at the end, for some reason it did not show up the first time.
@tostartafire I’ll respond to these in sequence. :-) 1. I agree: filtering like that would be useful. The challenge is in the number of varying systems we scan. If we scanned just one system, adding filters would be a no-brainer, but, making them work with numerous systems is surprisingly complicated. So, we might add this feature, but it’ll be a while. 2. I see from your next note that this resolved itself. It it happens again, let me know. 3. I can appreciate that; however, it does cost us to run scans so frequently—and for so long. Plans are certainly the best value, with the lowest cost option costing you approximately $1.67 per park you scan.