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#5 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2019
Campfire was made for creatives working in the entertainment industry who want to push their creative work to a higher level. Browse the latest in inspiration, collaborate with creatives on shared projects, and get seen by top agencies around the world.
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In the future we plan on making our platform a cloud service so you can backup and sync portfolios, have websites automatically generated and get booked for design, film, illustration and photography work faster. What is the most important feature to you?
Sync files from your desktop
Design versioning
Free Project Files
Automated Personal website
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We have added a ton of new features and we will be launching a kickstarter next week that will help us create tools that will transform how we as creatives design, develop, and craft high end images, videos, and experiences. Sign up for a free pro account and get awesome tools like: Search By Color, Whiteboard, Task Management, ToDo lists and more.
I love alternatives to well known products!
So it's Pinterest for visual and motion design! Seems cool! Much more focused than Pinterest, which makes it much better for this use case. It's also a PWA πŸ‘πŸ» What exactly is a "free pro account" though? Do you mean that everyone who signs up before you guys go mainstream (🀞🏻) will have a pro account forever? And what exactly are the differences between the pro and the regular accounts?
@anna_0x Yeah were tossing around ideas right now. For the next year our Pro accounts will be totally free. Pro accounts have a ton of features baked in like, whiteboard collaboration, task management, analytics, project boadrs, collaboration on boards or projects, job notifications and the ability to boost posts and profile so that agencies see you first. Once we launch our Enterprise features the Pros will have even more functions unlocked. We are also in the process of finishing up a proprietary dropbox type application that maintains design versions and sycs directly to Campfire as well as personal websites that pull directly from user projects. We have a lot in store.
@ryan_brant That sounds really cool! Wishing you a lot of success :)
Images look blurry on retina Macs.
@yaooooo We are working on something that will address that. The trick is that all images are user uploaded images, so we technically dont control the size image that they find inspiring. We are doing little tricks with our Campfire extension to grab high res image links but if the user is dragging images onto the site that are small its really about upsampling the image at that point. We are working to utilize the AI we have on the site to do this upsampling for us but that's still a work in progress.