Campaign Toolbox

Toolkits/tutorials/templates for building winning campaigns

"Campaign plans are often recycled from the last election, and we end up relying on the same playbook year after year. We want to change that by helping campaign managers write their own strategy. That’s why we built The Arena Toolbox - a collection of toolkits, tutorials, and templates for building winning campaigns."

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Midterms have shown us that TONS of people want to step up and run. Everyone is/was grasping at straws on how to do that, and how campaigns run, get funded, etc. It's really important in midterms and 2020 that people know how to do these things and can be successful at them w.o. reinventing the wheel each cycle. Like in startup land most things fail, but we learn from every mis-step and figure out how to do things better. Glad to see a collective knowledge base come together for campaigns too!