American-crafted furniture that assembles in minutes

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Hello product hunters! I'm Brad- the Founder and CEO of Campaign. It’s been years in the making and we couldn't be more excited to introduce Campaign to you today. Armed with a strong background in making products, our team set out to redefine the furniture experience. We've designed a living room suite entirely from the ground up. Leveraging modern manufacturing processes we've created a sofa we can mail to you. We created a product we're proud to own and I hope soon you feel the same way too. Jump over to to learn more. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
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@bradsewell I'm excited to finally see the products and the BEAUTIFUL site! I'll be buying one of the couches soon :) Congrats on the pre-launch!
Assemble in less than three minutes without tools, and it's insanely comfortable. I'm an investor, but before you give me the "obviously you're going to say that" stuff, know that I was super skeptical. I went to visit Brad and his team at their Oakland workshop, easily assembled the couch, then subsequently napped on it for the next hour. I hate Ikea and yet I keep buying their stuff. There hasn't been a good looking, affordable alternative. Now there is. "Incredible quality and next level engineering / manufacturing = the new IKEA."
This looks great. Love the designs and colors. One question though, what is the return policy? And for all that is holy, while I do appreciate the design, please put a menu on the page somewhere so I can skip around and get right to the product info :)
@mpiccinato All pre-orders will include free returns. Thanks for the UX feedback ;)
It is funny, in a class of mine, we had actually discussed that ikea's success might have been associated with the appeal of "DIY" and the lack-of-willingness to criticize something you, yourself had assembled over the hours that it took you... Kind of like a "mother's love" for something that otherwise is wrought with imperfections. My professor had published a white-paper on the idea here;
@tardisk_ Yes of course! What a fantastic theory. I had the opportunity to discuss this with Michael Norton at HBS as well! Glad to see a fellow HBS product hunter!