The 4K action VR & 360 degree cam made for sharing

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James Sung
James SungMaker@entrepreneurish · Technology Marketing in Shenzhen, China
Hi guys! Happy to answer any questions
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@entrepreneurish whats the story here?
James Sung
James SungMaker@entrepreneurish · Technology Marketing in Shenzhen, China
@bentossell Hi Ben! Thanks for helping to edit. We're new to Product Hunt, but not new to tech. We've been making gadgets for almost a decade. We believe Camorama's really capturing the cusp of the VR revolution by bringing a high quality prosumer 360 cam that's actually useable and highly shareable on a daily basis. We've had extraordinary demand already exceeding 300% of our kickstarter goal in only 5 days. We've improved upon almost every aspect of consumer 360 cameras on the market today. Take the popular Richoh Theta S for example that sells for $349. Our kickstarter price starts at $229. Their camera is 2K. Our's is 4K. Theirs records for about 20 mins. Ours records for 90 mins. Theirs is 8 GB. Our is 64 GB- 128 GB. We've literally taken apart every single consumer VR camera on the market and brainstormed on how to make it better. The future is here and we're making it very affordable and easy to join in. We plan to deliver by November.
Andreas Duess
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@entrepreneurish you use one lense, they use two, or multiple lenses. The huge blind spot with Camorama is an instant no-thanks for me. Not sure how you can claim that your product is better. I also have to say that the bro-focus of your video was another turnoff for me. A bunch of girls in bikinis with their hands on each other's asses? Come on, where are we? In a mechanics calendar, 1978?
Rick Kats
Rick Kats@rickats · product <3
quality looks good :)
James Sung
James SungMaker@entrepreneurish · Technology Marketing in Shenzhen, China
@rickats Thanks! We're using Sony's latest 4K sensor. This video was made using our prototype- you can expect the final quality to be even better.
Vijay Michalik
Vijay Michalik@vijaymichalik · Strategy, PegaSys, ConsenSys
Have you seen the new YouTube Creator Academy's video on "How NOT to shoot in 360?" I think your demo reel features a lot of the techniques they take issue with! It seems like it wouldn't be an issue as long as you weren't viewing in a VR headset though (e.g. PC and Mobile pan/tilt viewing). What sort of advice will you give 360 filmmakers on avoiding nausea, drawing the viewer to interesting areas and good angles? (I'm looking to get into it myself!)