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Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington@arrington · CrunchFund, TechCrunch
I'm 20 years too old for this and I don't care, it's awesome.
carlos whitt
carlos whittHunter@car1os · Huckleberry @ Lyft
With this update we've added the Camoji Keyboard, our most requested feature. Texting your homemade GIFs is now that much easier. We also added curated collections - LOL, Dance, and much more - and the ability to share to Reddit. Give us feedback!
Austin Broyles
Austin Broyles@austin_broyles · Founder, Camoji & Leo
Our top post so far?

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Jisi Guo
Jisi Guo@jisiguo · Lyft Product Designer, Camoji Co-founder
Camoji of the keyboard in action!
Semil@semil · Product, Swell
Camoji has one of the slickest mobile interfaces. So fast.