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A browser-killing tribute to GeoCities

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
What the...??? Also absurd: Geocities-izer
Gabriel R.
Gabriel R.@gr · Product guy, Entrepreneur
The heat wave in my laptop is palpable as the processors cope with the pixel tornado.
Ed Choudhry
Ed Choudhry@edch2020 · Founder and CEO of Sample Labs
Lol throwback, I remember geo cities was my first website I put up of my breaking crew,
David Notik
David Notik@davenotik · Founder, Woven(.co)
Dope. This deserves more love.
Celine Hau
Celine Hau@celinehau · Brand Ambassador
Blast to the past. This is amazing. So much detail on every section. A very well done exhibition of online 90's crap. So much horrible UI but so much self expression and creativity! Reminds me of my grade school it.