Peer-to-peer camera rental

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Founder here, let me know if you have any questions :)
Welcome, @derwiki! How willing are people to lend their expensive cameras to one another? Photographers already have a camera so what's their motivation for renting one? (excuse my naive questions -- I'm not familiar with photography or the community) :) cc my buddy, @koesbong
@rrhoover people are *surprisingly* willing to lend out their gear, or at least make it available. Sure professional photogs have gear, but many freelance and just-out-of-art-school photographers/videographers end up renting anyway. And as someone like me, a "full arsenal" of lenses would be over 10k, so I just borrow lenses for trips/shoots as I need them. It's evolved into a pretty friendly community and I've learned a lot.
@derwiki, I have used many rental services like LensRentals and I've had thought about a similar idea as CameraLends before, but always got blocked by these questions: -. If I am renting out my equipment, is it insured and if so, by how much? -. If I have a big shoot, I wouldn't be looking to rent at the last minute, so sites like LensRentals seems perfect to me for scheduling. I also know that the equipments I receive has been inspected and cleaned (or sometimes even new). For a big shoot, those are important things because I can't afford a malfunctioning equipment the day of. If I am not mistaken, with LensRentals, if their equipment turns out to be a lemon, they'd send me a new one with next day air. How does CameraLends address those?
@koesbong as a lender, yes, you're covered. The renter can either assume full responsibility or add a protection fee to their reservation to cover up to 2500. I'm happy to say that there have been zero instances of damaged or lost goods since launching. "big shoots" imply big budgets, so yea, BorrowLenses or LensRental might be perfect for what you need. CameraLends is better if: - affordability is your #1 concern: most items can be rented for less than major competitors - you don't have enough time for a lens to be shipped to you I haven't dealt with any members lending faulty equipment, but I can certainly see your concern. Do you have any ideas on how CameraLends could handle this better?