Camera Rollette

Exchange random camera roll image with your friends!

Camera Rollette is a social game where you exchange random camera roll image with your friends. The iOS app lets you and your friends take turns exchanging randomly selected images from your camera rolls. The goal of the app is simple: have fun.

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Thomas Krueger
Hello everyone! A little note about the app... While it’s a lighthearted game on the surface, Camera Rollette has a deeper meaning as well. We want to bring people closer together, and give you an unaltered view into your friends’ memories. What takes the shape of a simple game is really a deep conversation through pictures. Your camera roll is an incredibly rich source of personal memories. Sharing these pictures with friends creates a direct window into your life. It’s a very genuine experience. In this way, Camera Rollette is very different from other popular social media apps: by only including images from your camera roll, you only share your authentic memories and convey your true self. The app is about being social and genuine in a very lighthearted way. Camera Rollette is designed to be simple fun while also bringing you genuinely closer to others. Have fun & happy to answer any questions!
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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@coolenist Cool idea, would also encourage me to keep my camera roll offence free and tidy :)
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