Camera M

Professional Manual Camera App for iOS with RAW and Depth

Camera M is a professional camera app with powerful manual controls similar to a DSLR camera, designed to achieve the highest image quality from iPhone and iPad cameras. Specializing in RAW and Depth photography, it is the best camera app your iPhone or iPad.

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Thanks for sharing, @rod_argumedo1 :) Have you been using this for a while? How is it?
@amrith I just bought the app recently and it is really good camera app that I found on the iOS app store. I love the app right now and currently using it, at the moment. I’ll share the best moments of the app on my Twitter page. The reason why I put this on Product Hunt was to honorably mention the app.
@amrith @rod_argumedo1 Thank you very much. We worked very hard on the app. If you have any suggestions or issues, please feel free to reach as at
Tell me, which camera are you using? I recently found an interesting article - iPhone photography tips and tricks how do you think, is it possible to get such photos using a smartphone?
@anna_morris1 I am currently using an iPhone 5s with Camera-M app installed. It is quite possible if you have the right tools available at your hand. From my own experience, I maximize the usage out of the camera and customize the way how a professional photographer would think. It's all about striking the right balance of light and exposure. Without those, it would be worthless for a photographer. I cannot stress this enough that you want to get to know your phone's camera. Once you begin to appreciate it, then that is where you find the perfect balance.
This is totally awesome. Just used it for a couple of shots: very fast and great looking with nice little UI touches. In the same league as Halide, or close. Impressive.