Camera Lends

Airbnb for photography + video equipment, now in your pocket

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Hi everyone, I'm the technical founder and CEO of CameraLends. Our iPhone app is new, but it's the same great nationwide local camera rental service that you've grown to love. I'll be around to answer any question, so don't be shy!
@derwiki "nationwide" :(
@gise11e Hey Giselle! We actually have a few international listings, if you look at International is not something we're actively growing, but it still works!
I still have some old SLR bits kicking around. I like Camera Lends because I can make some extra money off my camera gear, not to mention obvs it feels good to help other photogs stay on budget 💸
@thetylerhayes Thanks for listing CameraLends! I work on the team and help our members have an awesome renting experience. With thousands of gear listed in 600+ cities across the entire United States, we've helped thousands of renters find the gear they need and stay within budget. If anyone is interested in renting some gear for an upcoming trip or project, use coupon code #PH20 and save 20% :D
Wow! I live near Hollywood and will definitely be mentioning this site to them! Any thoughts on having a 'VR' ready rental? I know a few people looking to make 360 video but they don't have the budget to buy it up front.
@swetzequity Hey Zach! Yea, we're pretty excited to add VR rental kits to our inventory this year. Stay tuned!
Really cool platform @derwiki! I had a question though: how would you say Camera Lends differs from similar offerings such as Lumoid?
@itsthomson Hey Thomson! Lumoid is a traditional rental model, where they ship gear to you. If you have last minute needs (which is common), you're out of luck. Because our inventory is held in 600 cities by our lenders, a CameraLends rental will always a rental with a local photographer -- and you can get gear in just a few hours, not days.