Pro camera with extra features for iOS

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Is there some sort of major update surfacing this app (it's been around for several years and is pretty solid)?
Vinh Pham
Vinh Pham@vinhhh · 🤤
@mrkwse I had the same question when I saw this app on the front page. Just checked their release notes. There hasn't been any major revamp besides adding RAW capability back in March. I wouldn't want gifs promoting my app that shows me using an iphone 4. Just saying...
Mike Way
Mike Way@mikeway3 · IOS, OS X and Web developer, consultant
Good camera app!
Douglas Evaristo
Douglas Evaristo@douglasevaristo · Product Manager
I love this app!
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Wow still unbelievable the chins iPhone have, wasted space.