Cameos on Google lets you be the authority on you. Record video answers to the most asked questions on Google and then post them right to Google. Now, when people search for you, they’ll get answers directly from you.

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Seriously, not available on Android? 😲
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@gabszanto maybe all celebs use Iphones 💁
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i'll never understand why google releases iphone-only apps
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@stephenbuda most likely that's what matters the most :)
@stephenbuda I'm sure they know where it will get the most traction initially. 50/50 share for consumers, and likely a much higher bend towards iOS from this crowd. I carried a pixel and an iPhone for a while, until I gave both a bath. I could only replace the iPhone since it's a work device, so that's where I am until I can justify the expense of a new Pixel...once that notch is gone. ^^
Reminds me of Whale (cc @ranidu, @justinkan) from a few years ago and Convoz (cc @chamillionaire).
@chamillionaire @rrhoover definitelly similar to convoz
@ranidu @justinkan @chamillionaire @rrhoover Reminds me of the video series from WIRED where they get celebs to answer top questions people search for about them.
@amrith indeed, a very cool format. Interesting move to productize it, but knowing Google's track record with social... 🤷
@ranidu @justinkan @chamillionaire @rrhoover @amrith GQ did a few bits, too. IMO this looks like a crowd-sourced carpool karaoke play meets Instagram Stories Ask-a-Q feature. The iPhone release makes sense. Go where the celebrities are (someone must've been DeepLearning the candid photo/videos of celebrities to figure out the majority of 'em were holding iPhones - also breaks away & out from the Google Plus mold ;)
How do the folks at Cameo feel about this?
@arlogilbert I was wondering the same
@arlogilbert OMG. I had actually never heard about Cameo till just now and it's just SO awesome! It seems like it's a very different thing than what Google does here but the name is too similar, not nice of them. Cameo seriously seems to have made a lot of people very very happy and it's just a great platform to exist!
Now everyone can speak to celebrities?