The private space to post photos for your 15 closest friends

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Thanks for hunting us @emieljanson! Hey there Product Hunt! I’m super excited to introduce you to Camarilla. Camarilla is a private space for real friendship. Just the 15 people that are closest to you, with responses kept strictly private. The public social domain has become a place to broadcast your messages, and less likely the place to post about your personal life. You don't have 100 close friends (and that’s OK!). We think it’s time for a place for real friendship, where instead of performing, you’re connecting. Camarilla is the place to do just that: Our app lets you post photos in a stream Those photos are for an audience of up to 15 people selected by you Your inner circle can comment on the photos, but neither their comments nor your replies are visible to others. So, you can actually reply like nobody’s watching ;)! Camarilla is built upon simplicity, privacy and real friendship. We’ve based Camarilla on Robert Dunbar’s approach to the number of meaningful relationships a person can have. During our beta period Camarilla has been tested and approved by people in 130+ countries. Early users have indicated they experienced happiness by really being in their friends’ lives again, without all the noise. Techcrunch covered our story today as we’re launching to the public: I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Ask me anything, anytime; I’m around all day :) You can also email me at Thanks!
I actually liked Path! 😢 I'm not sure if I love the segment of people to 15... But I'm excited about anything in this space, definitely worth a try! 🚀 Great article from Tech Crunch on this app. ( PS: Love the targeting
@as_austin Thanks Austin, I loved Path too. You'll find out you post different stuff if it's only for your closest and you respond differently when responses are private. Now you can actually reply like nobody is watching...
@as_austin "THE PATH THEY SHOULD'VE TAKEN"? ;) lol
Why 15 people and not less ?
@tsunaze It's up to 15. Most people will find out they have fewer friends indeed.
Path... Exactly what I thought too.
@lekanb Path is my biggest inspiration. I missed the private part though. My best friend or mom respond differently when others are reading along. Now responses end up in one-to-one conversations..In this demanding world, Camarilla bridges time and space with your closest.
I hope people start using this. I still use couple with my partner for one to one... Our family uses path but not as often as I would like. Will give it a try..
@helencrozier We've created a place for real friendship, where instead of performing, you’re connecting. Within Camarilla there are no prying eyes -it makes you share different stuff , and respond differently as the responses are between you and the other. From what we've seen now, the world is ready for it.