A family organizer app for busy parents

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Thank you for hunting us, Seth! I created this app because my husband and I got tired of having to use 5 different apps (plus email and texting) to coordinate who is picking up the kids and what we need from the grocery store. We designed this app for busy parents like us who have too many responsibilities and too little time. Calroo combines a family calendar, to-do list, shopping lists and messaging in one simple app, and makes asking for help as easy as a swipe! If you're a busy Mom or Dad (or if you just need to coordinate your schedule with other family members), please give our app a try and let us know what you think! And don't forget about our special perk for Product Hunters - 2 free months of Calroo Pro!
@e_krasnoperova I really love that you are unifying a family in a digital age.
@sethlouey Thank you! That's exactly what we're trying to do!
@e_krasnoperova I think it could be cool to gamify tasks in the app. So if you child completes a task, you see some animation and over the course of the week, you can create a mini competition between family members.
@sethlouey Absolutely! It's actually on our product roadmap already :-)
I don't have a family but love Calroo as a calendar app in general. It's made for families but honestly, the to-do list feature is better than many to-do lists out there that I've tried before. Really like the ability to delegate tasks to family members by swiping. Great job, Elena!
This is awesome! I'm all about tools that can make it easier for moms and dads to share the burden. It's too easy for all this stuff to fall on moms (even when they work full time). I love that this helps parents share the workload and make their work visible.
@sm Very true! What you're doing with looks great. Perhaps we can collaborate on a project together :-)
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