Easily get an event on the calendar with your friends

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I have 8 calendar apps on my iPhone. I've been using @getcalpal for the last week and it's the first one that's really made a difference in my productivity. When you create a CalPal event and invite your friends, you can start a message thread with the event group. This eliminates the texting, emailing, FB messaging, calendar inviting back and forth that I previously had trying to organize events. CalPal's creators are @rahuljaswa and @michaelbachand. Check out the app!
@nbt, I'll up the ante with 15 calendar apps on my iPhone :-) Besides making it impossible for me to miss any event due to the incessant barrage of reminders, it's also made me come to appreciate how truly unique @getcalpal is. Put simply, CalPal allows me to spend more quality time with my friends and family. In many ways it's become the hub of my iPhone – it's a place where I can throw out ideas for activities days, weeks, or months in the future and be confident that they will come to fruition. Any and all feedback is appreciated: questions[at]getcalpal[dot]com. We hope you'll come to enjoy using CalPal as much as we do!
Thanks @nbt! We've been working hard for a longtime to get the tech and experience right and now it's finally starting to payoff :). Anybody who has a question, please write a comment or reach out to me! rahul[at]getcalpal[dot]com.
looks like a great time saver but doesn't accept non-us phone numbers right now -?plans for this?
Hi @helencrozier, are you referring to the ability to add your own phone number to the app, or to your ability to invite people to an event using their phone number?