Your simple calorie counter & tracker

Hi PH!! We are excited to launch our newest app: Calory - super simple calorie counting app.
Counting calories is a basic way to make you aware and stay aligned towards your daily suggested food intake goals.
Hope you like it!
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Eugene Kalnyk
PR Specialist, MacPaw

Really love the app! Good luck! 🙌


Counting calories has never been so simple and fun! Visualizations make the app extremely pleasant to use! Love all the graphs!


The database of foods is pretty extensive. It would be great to be able to add food by scanning bar codes.

Neat app with the look and feel of other Funn Media apps we have grown to love and enjoy. I sent some feature requests to @ksmolka and he’s very receptive to feedback. Look forward to seeing how this product grows.
Kriss Smolka
Product Designer @funnmedia
@heidi_helen thank you for your feedback and comments! Feedback is something we take really serious, and try to implement most of the suggestions into our apps. Without user feedback our apps wouldn't be where they are today. Thanks again!!