Calorie Mama AI

Automatically count calories by taking food photos

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Love the idea of calorie tracking with photos and AI. Tried it out this morning with my breakfast and it worked. Calorie Mama correctly guessed that it was Raisin Bran...but then I realized I ran out of milk and had to eat something else 😬
@robjama Wow that's pretty dope! Going to give this a try for sure.
I've been using Bitesnap since they posted on Product Hunt a while back. Any major differences? Love this method of tracking.
@kunalslab looks like this adds nutrition data into Healthkit. I don't recall Bitesnap doing that.
Chose "Vitamin C - 500 mg" for a chewable tablet and it appeared in the iOS Health app as 300 mg Vitamin C.
What are your plans for the Android version?
@pamantas interested as well :-)
This is awesome! Tracking calories is a pain.
Great product! I already installed it a couple of days ago and it worked with all the pics I tried. The best part is that it encourages you to stay accountable for what you eat before you eat it - a huge difference from the standard calories tracking apps. I'm not a behavioral psychologist myself, but I work in this vertical and this app can really help develop better eating habits.