Dead simple & free add to calendar links + API

Simple, easy and free add to calendar links for your website, email newsletter, profile or anywhere else!
No tracking, no ads, no signup πŸŽ‰.
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I built after I had multiple clients request the exact same thing - a simple and easy way to generate calendar links, for adding to their website or in email newsletters. There's a few existing providers out there, but they're extremely pricey for what they do - take some basic data (title/date/etc) and reformat it into a url for a calendar provider (be it google or apple). Calndr is 100% free, and we don't log anything, nor require your details. Just use the GUI to build an event, or generate links directly though the API. We run on Google Cloud Serverless infrastructure, so the service is rock solid and fast. Check it out, have a play and feel free to hit me with any feedback you have :)
I can see how this is useful
This is really useful! Could be great if you could select which calendar services you want to add. Although you can easily delete them once you pasted the text.
@joid Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into adding a multiselect for that :)