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Distraction-free writing

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Justin Emery
Bei Zhang
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, clean and distraction-free interface, multiple short-cuts, beautiful design, easy to access


    Haven't found anything I want to improve so far.

    Apparently this is a side project of two developers, so it's free

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Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Great for the easily distracted, this gets rid of any superfluous​ elements so you can concentrate on your writing! Also supports markdown, and your work is saved in the cloud.
heeksjim@heeksjim · CEO Luncher
Dig it. Just a thought - I'm a writer, and I love having that perfect instrumental (non-distracting) track to write to. Could be cool if you integrated a curated playlist from Spotify or something.
Jacob Hobbie
Jacob Hobbie@hobbiejacob · Software Developer/Philosopher
I've been using Draft recently to write all my college papers due to how easy it is to focus. I'm going to try this for my next paper though and see how it goes!
Yusef Hassan Montero
Yusef Hassan MonteroMaker@yusef · Calmly Writer
Hi everyone, I'm the author of Calmly. Thank you for spreading the app!
Göktuğ Okan Oğuz
Göktuğ Okan Oğuz@goktugoguz · goguzo
This is a really good writer app that I've never heard of. It has something called Dyslexic Mode which helps people with Dyslexia. It exports in every format necessary. Has chrome extention. Has typewriter sounds, dark mode, everything fancy and needed. Write in MD or with the formatting tools. One of the best web apps I've ever seen.