Calm Live

Host a guided meditation for your Twitter followers

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So pumped for this, going to do one tonight!
This is a cool idea! Looks really nice too :) What was the thought process in creating this?
@bentossell thanks Ben! We've been thinking for a while about real-time, shared meditation experiences. Many people like to meditate together in groups or classes in the real world, and some even prefer that to meditating on their own. Calm Live is our first experiment in this direction. A sense of connection and community could prove to be really important in building a meditation habit.
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This is really awesome - I love Calm already and this is a welcome surprise!
I'm a calm subscriber - this looks fun!
Do you have to be doing it live on the website? or can you schedule these for various times for different followers around the world?
@kamphey currently the sessions are real-time, but we're thinking about adding scheduling too