Calm Down Now

Stop panic and anxiety. Relax instantly.

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Hey @blake_wood - can you tell us a bit about the app please? What is your angle against other similar apps in the space?
@bentossell Hey Ben - Great questions. Calm Down Now App is a compilation of evidence based techniques (CBT,DBT,EFT etc) that empower users over their panic and anxiety. All content has been curated and created by psychotherapist @junetomasowood - who has used them in her practice with patients for over 30 years. Our app differs from others in a few ways. Access to content when users need it most is immediate, no laborious inputs etc. Users can pick and choose what works best for them, instead of being forced to complete tasks to unlock content. The continued use of these evidence based techniques has clinically shown to prevent future panic and anxiety among patients surveyed.
We are in the process of expanding our product line! First, adding lots of new content to our consumer app for our users. Next, launching a clinical version for the healthcare market - this will be a much more robust version of our app with the ability to personalize content, connect wearables, track data and message providers directly. We've been working hard at getting this into the NHS (UK) as well as other healthcare providers in the US.
@blake_wood Most excellent. Are there any potential use cases for adults or children with concomittant challenges such as Autism or PTSD?
@kkdub Exactly the plan! We are in talks with autism foundations and specialists to get our clinical app to their patients. Depending on the severity of PTSD, our products can be most helpful. We have quite a few users with PTSD who use our consumer app already. Thanks for your questions and support!
@blake_wood That is wonderful to hear. Affordable solutions like this will empower individuals to start living -- not just coping with -- their daily lives.
@kkdub thanks again Kelly!
Oooh, this is nice. Great stuff here @blake_wood
@tommyismyname thank you Tommy :)
I was skeptical at first about this whole “CBD craze,” but I’m definitely a believer now. It does take a little bit to feel the effects in your own body.. but I’m finally sleeping through the night & no longer suffer from sleep deprivation! I’m not sure it’s helped my inflammation or not.. but it’s helped my anxiety & sleep, which ultimately will help my body heal.. so I’m satisfied!!