Go to war on spam calls 📵

Callwarden lets you create a new phone number to give to strangers and keep your personal number private. Stop giving out your personal number. Instead, use a callwarden number and respond to voicemails at your leisure.

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Why not just get a google voice number for free forever and just never forward it or set it to screening mode? Also this way it’s Google transcribing voicemails. There might even be IFTTT tricks to enhance it more. Sorry but this ain’t it... am i missing the point? Lol.

This is great! works like a charm but a bit pricey for just a voice mail. 5USD a month could be better.




Just a bit expensive for a text message voice mail.

Maybe it’d be nice if phone numbers were silent by default. When strangers dial your number, your phone stays silent. The call goes directly to voicemail and they leave a voicemail if they want to reach you. You’d still get voicemails delivered to you over email, but otherwise you don’t get distracted by the phone number. There’s room for experimentation here. @codyjackstewart and I built Call Warden as a simple, voicemail-only telephone service. It’s the beginning of that experiment: Right now you get a phone number, and nothing rings when it is dialed. If someone leaves a voicemail, we’ll try to transcribe it and send it your way. Otherwise, it’s where spam calls go to die.
@codyjackstewart @jake_swanson Great concept guys, seems very novel! How did you come up with it? Also, when I see the words "free trial" I immediately look for a pricing page. Couldn't find one, whats the plan? I normally don't even sign up for a service until I've read the pricing plans to know if the service is in budget with what I think it's worth to me.
@jake_swanson @colinwinhall thanks for the interest and positive vibes. We actually work at a call tracking company that's for businesses. So we have a lot of experience in the space and thought it'd be neat to focus on consumers. We pushed a little update to the marketing site regarding the price. It's $7 a month after the free trial ends!
Thanks everyone for checking out our product :) We've started a publicly viewable trello board where we are logging feature ideas that we've been coming up with and that's been passed along over various streams of communication. You can check it out if you want: