Easy phone call tracking and analytics for marketers

CallRoot is an inbound call tracking and analytics platform for marketing teams and agencies to track & record incoming phone calls, dynamically insert phone numbers & map referrer source with every incoming call.

It integrates with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, HubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, Zapier, Salesforce and more.

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Thanks for hunting, most of the business development I do is outbound, I would like to hear more about how this tool adds value to growth-oriented teams @sharmag88
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@abadesi Hey! Our product JustCall is a great fit for Outbound (sales & bd) & Support. And, CallRoot is for Marketing teams that generate leads for sales team. So, some of the businesses are now using both JustCall and CallRoot together to complete the loop to track & optimize everything around phone calls. But, I'm 100% sure that you will get great value out of JustCall - immediately. How about we get on a call where I will show you both JustCall and CallRoot. Let's connect - or you can just pick a slot:
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Hey everyone! I'm Gaurav, founder & CEO, CallRoot (& JustCall). JustCall is a phone system used by 1000s of sales and support teams. But, a lot of marketing teams have been using JustCall as well and we realized that JustCall is a good fit for sales and support teams but not for marketing teams. So, we decided to build something specifically for marketers. Marketers deal will mostly inbound calls generated via their marketing campaigns like banners at the airport, traffic landing on your website & dialing in the number, pamphlets, news paper ads, tv ads, banner and search ads. CallRoot solves the problem of incoming call tracking and analytics. It provides you with a single clean dashboard for all your campaigns to track which campaign or keyword is generating phone calls for your company or client. And, it also integrates with other platforms like Google Adwords, Analytics, CRMs, Facebook Ads, Zapier etc so that marketers can keep a track of call data from any tool that they use. We understand that there is a huge competition in the market for Inbound Call Tracking but we strongly believe (thanks to our experience with building & growing JustCall in equally competitive call center software market) that if we provide our users clutter free dashboard, amazing real-time support along with deeper integrations - we will be able to make a relevant & visible place in the market. For now, our focus is completely on improving our products using our users feedback, suggestions and ideas. So, my team and I welcome you to CallRoot to give it a try. You can always ping us on the website chat or ping me at
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Great job!! I’m expecting some capabilities for mobile devices
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush. Can you please expand a bit on "some capabilities for mobile devices"? Do you mean for cellular network calls?