Connect to your call on time without lifting a finger

Clever but I'd rather not have my calls start exactly on time. ;) I can see this being useful for professionals that take multiple back-to-back calls. @mishachellam this could be useful when you interview several potential Tradecraft students.
@rrhoover - You can ask Callr to skip (or snooze, a feature currently in dev) calls that you don't want to be on time ;-) @mishachellam - let me know if there is anything I can help you set up with.
Hello everyone, really excited to be able to share Callr with the community. We built out of frustration we had of being late to conference calls and getting annoyed with PIN numbers. Instead of you remembering the time and number or pin to call, Callr will call you and then connects you to your calls (yes, it enters PIN numbers too!) Hope you all find Callr useful to organize your day. It's been a Godsent for our team. Hat tip to @MaximeSalomon for posting it here.
@maximesalomon Thanks for posting it :-)