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CallParty is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that gives you everything you need to call Congress about issues affecting democracy in the US.

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99% of bots are dumb. This bot is awesome.
Founder here! We're so excited to have launched CallParty. After seeing so many take up civic engagement we got together to make take that energy and make something to help sustain it over a longer period of time. CallParty provides prompts to call your Members of Congress about issues that affect our democracy. When an issue arises, our team sends a prompt through our bot that includes background information, a relevant news source, tips on what to expect and say, and the exact members to call. The bot then gathers feedback on whether the calls were successful, letting users know how many calls have been made on an issue. When something significant has happened or an outcome has been reached with an issue, such as a bill being voted on in Congress, updates are then sent to users to keep them informed. This feedback loop is critical to users feeling productive in civic engagement. Political organizing has found a home on Facebook—through pages, events and timelines full of shared actionable issues. CallParty completes that ecosystem by providing everything users need to take action where they’re already spending their time. There’s lowered effort on the user’s side and increased probability of success, both important factors in helping keep people motivated in civic engagement. We started research in November, came up with the product in December, kicked off tech with a hack weekend in January and launched our beta in March. Next we're opening the platform up to other orgs like GovTrack to use to make their own bots. For a team of volunteers that's mostly spending nights and weekends on this, I think it's pretty amazing. Excited for any and all feedback and hope everyone has fun making calls!
This funny - cool!