Convert web-visitors into inbound sales calls in 28 seconds

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Hey all, my name is Ross and I'm the maker of CallPage (thanks @bramk for hunting!). Few words about us. CallPage is a marketing solution for conversion web visitors into inbound sales calls through immediate callback to real phone numbers. If you install CallPage on your website you will able to connect with you customers in 28 seconds. Would love to hear what you guys think about CallPage, looking forward to your questions and suggestions. There is also a special offer for Product Hunters who sign up before end of April 2016. Cheers!
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@ross_knap @bramk Good luck and great success!
Uh oh - a phone conversation with a person/business πŸ™ˆ I wonder how many people just would rather avoid a call all the time
@bentossell maybe makers can share some metrics with us to understand what's the % of website visitors open for a call
@bentossell Thanks for the comment, Actually we targeted business where conversation is very important and customers need to talk before they would buy some services. We generated for our customers during last three months more then 15000 conversation!!!!! Average increasing conversion in calls is 30%!!!! Sometimes it can increase up to 75%. Its mean that if before CallPage web-site generated 5 calls per 100 visitors with our solution the same web-ste will generate at least 7 calls. CallPage right now is used by 400 different companies all over the world!
@ross_knap Ive no doubt that people will use it... guess a lot depends on previous interactions people have had with businesses (which unfortunately can be quite negative for some). Also its the whole giving out your phone number thing that I'm wary of. I want my friends and family to have my number and thats pretty much it. Some businesses I'd trust with my number like my doctors or something like that. Bank - haven't really got much choice put to 'trust' them with my number. I'm concerned with the whole increase of apps asking for a mobile number and others that it will just follow the path of what happened with email addresses. I now have one for personal, one for one and one for all the junk. But over time junk still spills into the others. Im worried giving out my number anywhere as the same situation can easily happen. I see on the demo it says 'we will only call one time, no spam' but how will that work when this widget is then used on a multitude of sites which could quite possibly not be as pleasant?
@bentossell Great feedback, thanks! Basically it's up to a company and their responsibility to store and secure private data of your customers. We created a tool which give you a possibility. When you submit a simple form on website you also give their private data. And some of those forms which are made on wordpress websites may be really insecure, and the risk to loose your personal data is much more higher. But still I understand your thoughts, thanks for telling this
@bentossell @ross_knap I think there's a correlation between the size/complexity of the deal, and how much you want to talk to someone before giving up your money. For instance, I was very glad to talk to @k2thedani from before deciding on them for our CRM. I had a really nice experience when @BrianCurliss from MailLift phoned and texted me when we experimented with hand-written letters at Emissary (at midnight because he saw I was a founder too, and still reached out immediately - that's some dedication) It all depends on the product, branding, user's mindset, and company's execution :)
These guys are absolutely killing it! I love the simplicity off this product :) @ross_knap can tell you more!
Wow! This is absolutely amazing! The practical nature of this and integration with CRM is beautiful! I think this in a combination of a text based solution you have a powerful platform! Love the ring-through. I think the call aspect finds a great niche.
@as_austin Thanks for great feedback! We really appreciate it! In the nearly future there will be added others integrations: like Slack, etc. Also have thoughts about creating different widget types.
@pikusfikus AWESOME! πŸ™Œ
@bramk great hunt! @ross_knap, @pikusfictus, @sergeybutko1, congrats with featuring! You developed awesome service! I have used it with your current customers! Good luck guys!
@vitaliimalets Thank you Vitalii!
@vitaliimalets Nice to hear it from you!