Callmaker Proactive

Automated callback widget that engages website visitors.

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Hey guys, Pavel here Callmaker is a contact form with automated callback that engages website visitors and allows you to get more inbound sales calls. Today I’m excited to show you our major release: Callmaker Proactive. It is not just a brand new button look, this is an ability to truly engage your website visitors, based on their own experience. Now you can set up triggered messages depending on pages and users’ behavior on your website to get extra call requests. For example, when a visitor is stuck on your pricing page for more than a minute, you can offer your help in a friendly way like we do on our website. Now you also can use super cool 5 seconds video selfies of your team on the widget. Sure all these new features allow you to increase call conversions even better. We believe that a live conversation and a quick response are what your customers will value no mater of trends and time. So check out the Callmaker Proactive and I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
Nice! Selfies in chat hah, I wonder how effective is that in terms of conversion? @myakov
@arturkiulian @myakov Thanks, Artur, it depends on how attractively the sales rep is drinking a coffee ;) Speaking serious, they drive more attention to the widget and break barriers for website visitors that keep them from making a call - since the company seems friendlier and more open to talk. We don't have exact figures for selfies separately from other features. Still, our old widget caused a 25% growth on average, and the new proactive approach results into a 32% conversion rate increase. So, it definitely is more efficient :)
Hello. I am definetely going to try this. Do you have free trial? Thx, Pavel.
@serguey_belov Thanks, Serguey! Sure, our free trial lasts for 1 week and includes unlimited number of calls. Please sign up here ;)
Hey guys! Been following you from the start 😄 what typical CTR rates do you see on the callback widget?
@mikael_yang Hi Mikael, thanks, we appreciate that! :) It depends on an industry, website traffic, and lots of other factors, but our average CTR (page view -> call) is 2%.