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Hey guys, It’s Pavel here. 6 months after first PH launch we’re sharing our update with you. Callmaker for Slack helps you convert website visitors into inbound sales calls. With AI, Callmaker tracks user engagement rate and proactively offers a call at the moment when a user is most likely to make a buying decision. Callmaker automatically calls your available representatives and then connects one of them with a client. Thanks to Slack notifications, your reps have caller details, always see missed calls and can call back just with a click of a button. All inside Slack. Also we’ve just released integrations with Zendesk, Shopify, Pipedrive, WordPress, PipelineDeals that will help you sync caller details with tools you’re already using. Thanks to Slack integration, our pricing starts from $0 / mo. So if you want to get more sales opportunities, give Callmaker a try, boost your lead generation and increase sales today. I’d love to hear your questions and feedback!
@myakov Superb video! i will try out this
@snowbreeze Thank you! Feel free to contact us in case you need any help with the settings or have any questions.
@carolinamyakova Do you have any pricing per call basis?
@snowbreeze Our current pricing plans depend on the number of features included and on the maximum number of calls per month: We have a free trial that lasts for 1 week with the unlimited number of calls included. We also have a free version with Slack notifications :) If you have any further questions about pricing, please feel free to shoot us an email at or submit a call request
I f*cking love the video! 😂 Great work guys :)
@mikael_yang Thank you! :) Pleased to hear that! =P
@carolinamyakova was it hard to obtain the licensing to use all of those movie clips in your advertisement?
@anthonyadams @carolinamyakova they're under 15 seconds, so fair use.
@andreasduess @carolinamyakova I think you may be confused about what Fair Use is? Simply using a clip that is under 15 seconds doesn't make something fair use. Generally, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. They don't appear to be criticizing, parodying or commenting on the works used, and instead it appears they are using the footage to advertise a product. Don't mean to be a bummer, but if they don't have permission and are using this as a promotional ad, they are at risk for a hefty lawsuit and if infact they did get permissions, that would be cool and I'm curious about how they did it.
@anthonyadams That sounds reasonable! I will ask my colleagues how they did it because I'm not the one who created the video. If there's a lifehack here, I'll share it with you ;)
Finally. Thanks a lot! Our team is using slack, so for us it is fantastic feature!
@serguey_belov So true, we all waited for this ;) We also use Slack and many of our current customers too! Thanks for the feedback!
Hi guys, looks like a cool addition to sales process. Could you please describe in few words how AI works in your tool? Like what really depends on AI?
@paul_shuteyev Thank you! We've built a user engagement rate detection algorithm which shows a popup window offering a call when a user is mostly likely to make a buying decision. We analyze a wide variety of various parameters like time spent on the website, number of scrolling moves, interaction with the page etc. and we constantly improve it to grow the conversion rate further!
@carolinamyakova Thank you for your answer! I was asking because we all remember how bad it was with Callback Hunter, when they were bragging about 100 of algorithms, but basically the trigger was when users just scrolled down or even worse - when users reached the cross to close the tab :)
@paul_shuteyev Haha, yes, I understand what you mean :) I believe the only thing worse than a popup when you reach the cross to close the tab - is a standard browser built-in popup with sounds and alerts "do not leave the page" or "you won 1 billion dollars" ;)
The video is absolute GOLD! Couldn't stop grinning... :-D The Product-Market fit is pretty well-founded; there's definitely a market for a widget that lets one get on an immediate call with a hot lead rather than engage in a waltzy chat... What sort of analytics do you offer? Also, I love the fact that you have a $0 plan to boot. Tres generous!
@avinashdsouza Thank you for the feedback :) We are happy to hear that! Callmaker Dashboard allows you to see all the details about calls: calls history, clients' phone numbers, call recordings, page where the call has been requested, traffic source of the visit. You also can set email and text notifications.