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    analytics, quick way to connect through a phone call


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    Effective app to capture visitors' phone numbers and connect with them instantly.

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Pavel MyakovMaker@myakov · Co-founder
Hey PH, I’m Pavel, Founder of Why Callmaker? Because we hate wasting our time. You know what sucks? Waiting hours until you get an answer on a live chat from an insurance company. Or spending tens of minutes holding on a line before somebody picks up the phone in a bank. Or even having nobody answering your call in that small design agency. We all hate this. And all these companies lose their clients at the same time. Callmaker helps both. Website visitors get a guaranteed phone connection in 25 seconds; your company or startup receives up to 50% more sales calls from website. We make this happen by automatically calling a queue of mobile and landline phones and only when one picks up the phone, we call the client and connect them with a live person. Automatically. In 27 countries. Check out and try it on your website. I'm here to answer all your questions! Pavel
Pavel MyakovMaker@myakov · Co-founder
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Boost your conversions up to 50% with callback in 25 seconds. Automated callback in 25 seconds motivates visitors to submit their phone numbers immediately and thus boosts your landing page conversion rate. Website visitor leaves his phone number. Callmaker calls your available sales rep on mobile or landline phones, and then automatically connects with your client. The whole process is automated. No apps for your mobile or PC required! Callmaker will call your sales on existing phones.
Pavel MyakovMaker@myakov · Co-founder
@kwdinc thanks for hunting us!
Mike Rubini@mikerubini · Entrepreneur. Musician. Digital nomad.
I'm actually trying this on my websites. It looks cool and I get more calls from using it. I think it's useful for people who want to have a conversation with a real person and business without having so many back and forth by writing emails.
Pavel MyakovMaker@myakov · Co-founder
@mikerubini glad to hear it!
Carolina MyakovaMaker@carolinamyakova · Co-founder
@mikerubini Sounds awesome! :)
Олег Якубенков@lohmatyi312 · analyst, product manager
It looks quite useful. I think being ready to provide immediate human-to-human communication for a company, can really make conversion grow. Pavel, and how many web sites do use your product?
Pavel MyakovMaker@myakov · Co-founder
@lohmatyi312 thanks for your question! We have hundreds of customers, mostly in US, Australia, UK, Germany, Russia. But now we are opened for 27 counties.
Dmitry Firskin@dmitry_firskin · Chief Investment Officer,
Great team, excellent product, wish them to succeed)
Pavel MyakovMaker@myakov · Co-founder
@dmitry_firskin Thanks for your support!