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Hi Hunters, I’ve always believed that connecting with your customers requires a personal touch - and a phone call always wins when it comes to personal. Some people won’t even do business with you without one. That is why I’ve developed Callingly - to bring the web and phone call experiences together, making it easy for you to talk to your customers without ever giving out your phone number. Callingly turns any phone number into a short link that you can post on social media, embed in your website, or add to your email signature. Anybody can click your link and call you right through their computer or phone! And we have some special bonuses for Product Hunters today: - 50 free call credits for the first 100 to sign up - Exclusive access to extra short usernames! (If you want to get or, you'd better hurry!) With a Callingly link you can: - Receive calls at any phone number without ever posting it online - Control during what times you’re available for your phone to ring - Know you’re getting a customer call before you pick up the phone - Track where each caller comes from: Google, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, emails, or any other website. - See what promotions are driving calls and sales - Make it free for anybody in the world to call you through their browser I’d love to hear any and all feedback from the Product Hunt community as well. My direct email is Best regards, Leon Klepfish
@leonklepfish! great application and already started receiving calls!
Differentiation from and ? I'm curious because I've recommended both of these solutions to previous customers of mine with positive ROI.
@datarade It looks like does only call-backs, while Callingly does direct calls from the browser much more like And unlike you don't need to install an SSL certificate on your site, its just a link that you point to. In addition, because its a link, you can drive calls with Callingly from emails, social media, Craigslist, etc. which I believe you can't with the other platforms.
Awesome product! Looking forward to getting it embedded onto my website today!