App to let you know who called while off the network

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Michael Unetich
Michael Unetich@chimikeu · President, TIP Solutions
Hi PH Community - CALLcheck is a downloadable iOS and Android app we developed to solve one of our own problems and it works like this; when you are off the cellular network and someone calls your cellular number, you have no way to know about that missed call unless that caller leaves a voicemail (which most people don’t do any more). So, whether your phone is in Airplane Mode, dead battery, dead coverage spot, or off network for other reasons, this is an inefficiency in communication that CALLcheck solves by delivering you a missed calls notification when you get back on the network. Better yet, if your phone is on wifi, it will pick up that missed call instantly. If you travel and swap into a local sim card, you can still see all of your missed calls to your regular number live. I should mention, because of the way networks work, CALLcheck, is only available on the GSM networks, AT&T and T-Mobile, in the US. We are running a temporary campaign whereby the first 10k people to sign up get CC free for the next six months. After that, our service charge is $.99/mo or $9.99/yr. Thanks very much for trying CALLcheck out!