Anonymous P2P messenger on blockchain technology

The purpose of the CallBox project is to build truly secure and anonymous communication service. Blockchain technology allowed us to build decentralized messenger: miners install CallBox nodes and generate revenue by establishing connections between users. Miners work like commutators.

Let's build our own messenger today!

  • Sonya Avetisyants
    Sonya AvetisyantsIT-interested girl

    This is a great thing for such paranoids as I, when you can be confident about your anonymity


    They should add pics in the chats as soon as possible

    My friends advised me this app some weeks ago, I find it really useful in today's world, especially in Russia, where every step you make in internet is being watched by government.

    Sonya Avetisyants has used this product for one month.
  • Allen Rapadas
    Allen RapadasArt Director @ NeutriSci International

    This app is going to be a NECESSITY the next couple of years.



    Really interesting project, will be following and watching as privacy is going to be huge in the next couple of years.

    Allen Rapadas has used this product for one day.
It's a first time I published my project on the Product Hunt. Please ask any questions and share any thoughts about CallBox Project. Thank you very much for your support!
@alexander_murzanaev Hi Alexander, quick questions regarding anonymity. Who sees my IP address? The person i call? the commutator? and what is stored on chain? What chain?
@valereonmobile Hi! Technically IP address passed through node (commutator) to interlocutor to establish P2P connection. Client side (the app) chooses node randomly on each connection. Blockchain (Graphene modification) is used for fee transactions only (commutator receives 100% of fee). Messages aren't stored in the chain. Current version of the service is beta, which is running on several test nodes.