Make your apartment callbox awesome

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Do you hate buzzing in your friends with your phone? Callbox is for you. Sign up to get a special Callbox phone number, tell your landlord, and you can set a pin that your friends / significant other / cleaners can use to buzz themselves in. Easy! Hope you enjoy it, lmk any questions.
I'm a huge fan of this space. I recently acquired that is a similar product. Great opportunities exist for this space. Callbox looks awesome.
Love this concept. Would like to be able to set multiple pins, or have them expire. Are delivery services like UPS and FedEx able to receive this info without putting it in you address? It'd be great if a solution like this could allow package deliveries when I'm not home.
@ryanstenson if you don't want to let strangers in you could make good use of (at the moment only in SF and Chicago)! :)
@ryanstenson we don't have a way to share with delivery companies yet. great idea!
@gehnibo @ryanstenson I could, but my main issue is just getting it through the door. When UPS/FedEx buzz my door today with a package, it calls my phone and I try to verify its them, then buzz them in remotely. Not ideal, but pretty solid. If I could somehow get the delivery person a code to get through the door (kind of like those firefighter boxes), that'd be awesome. It could even show up on the UPS handheld computer.
What if your buzzer requires you to press a number to buzz someone in?
@blake as long as the number is 9, we support that. the way Callbox works is if your friend dials the correct code, the robot answering the phone dials 9.
@rogerdickey @blake need that to be customizable - in my building it is 6
Very cool! How does the number picking work? Some places require local numbers (area codes) to be used for buzzing in.
@musawiralishah The app allows you set a local area code!