Call Your Reps

We make it easy to find & call your members of Congress.

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Thanks for hunting us @mackflavelle. I built this last weekend after being inspired by I think we all can do a better job of telling our members of Congress how we want them to represent us. This is a really rough v1 of the service. The idea is to take feedback from users and keep iterating on top of it. Please let me know what you think and what I can add to make it better. I'd like to add call scripts for the most urgent issues of the day. I also have plans to allow for video outreach that we will post on Twitter and mention your representatives. The hope is to make outreach public (to put pressure on the reps) and social (to encourage others to do the same).
Hell ya!
I love seeing people taking an active role these days. Thank you!!!
Wow. I love how easy it was to use. Within 15 seconds I was talking to the staff of my Congressman. Great stuff. Works well on mobile too.
@merket Thanks Ryan. It works best on mobile because you can call a rep with a tap of a button.
Awesome stuff, Nals! Very cool.