Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The newest installment of the Black Ops franchise

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I realllllllly want the COD franchise to give WW2 one more go.
@_ryangilbert agree, that was pretty fun.
@_ryangilbert World at War was easily my favorite of the entire franchise.
Putting this back up because today is its release date! Who's planning on picking this up today, or already has? Any first impressions?
@jakecrump i would love to but my wife might leave me
@mrwongsteven @jakecrump Haha! I suppose that's a pretty good reason to not get it then.
@jakecrump preordered 😁. Can't wait to play later. The demo was really fun - better than the last game - so I have high hopes!
@jakecrump did you end up getting it?
Been a huge fan of COD and it just keeps getting better and better!
Bumping this to today since the Beta is going on right now. We're also giving away dozens of PS4 codes to access the beta on our Facebook page. Have at thee!
@russfrushtick :O I wish i saw this sooner! :*(