Call Levels

Simple forex, commodities, equities & Indices price alerts

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Here are some additional information on Call Levels. We focus on doing ONE THING (price alerts) really well. We do it better (real-time), simpler and more social than anyone else. Simply select your financial asset. Slide to your desired call level. Get immediate and real-time alerts on your phone and email once the price is reached! Your friends in your cc list will get informed at the same time. Tracking your global investments has never been this easy or this social!
Nice design, slick and clean. Cynthia, what is a grand vision for the product? I'd say after receiving an alert user may want to take an action based on the alert. Is he supposed to switch to another app? Also what price the alert is alert is based on? Bid, ask, last, mkt?
Hi SergT Thanks for your feedback and your question! First, on the price alerts: we use indicative last price for FX and metals, and last quoted price for futures and equities* (coming soon!! tell us what you want to monitor on We created Call Levels to help people become better informed investors by providing timely and relevant information real time, optimised for the mobile phone. We’re trying to make real time alerts more simple, reliable and accessible than anything else out there in the market! The grand vision for Call Levels is that our users will never invest or trade alone. Right now users are able to create email lists where if their call levels hit, we can notify everyone on the list real time. So users can keep their broker updated about their interests without fear of front-running. We are also building a customised market snapshot for each Call Level, so that users can get real time information relevant to their asset, price, and horizon, and even share these with their friends. Again, financial data and information made simple. We also have plans to open our APIs so that partnerships with brokerages etc. can be formed so the investment process is kept as seamless as possible to the end user. Right now we are focusing on a product that users will like and use again and again. Any feedback really helps, so please share this with your friends! Cheers Cynthia
Call levels with US stocks is ready to be tested soon. Email me at if you want to be the first few that get your hands on it! Cheers Cynthia
Hi everyone! Thanks for the upvotes! I'm Cynthia, co-founder of Call Levels and I'm here to answer any questions that you guys might have on the product!