Call for Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift idea every time

Call for Gift Ideas is a simple way to anonymously find out exactly what kind of gifts your loved ones would like to receive.

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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 Super excited to present you my new project: Call for Gift Ideas 🎉 Originally started for Product Hunt's November Hackathon 🚀 💡 The idea It takes a lot of effort to come up with good gift ideas for all your loved ones. Asking them what they want usually leads nowhere since most people don’t know what they want. How about presenting them with an easy way to pick from web’s best gift ideas, and let them pick a few? Most importantly, they don’t know who’s asking, they just hit submit and you receive their wishlist! 🔥 How it works 1️⃣ Fill in a 10 second form: 2️⃣ The recipient gets an anonymous call for gift idea email. It looks like this: 3️⃣ Following the link takes the recipient to a simple wizard that lets them choose from the web’s coolest gift ideas: For now I sourced all gift ideas from - most popular listings for men and women. I’m planning to add more content providers soon. 4️⃣ Once they’ve selected a few products, they can sort them in the next step: Hitting Submit emails the wishlist to you! 5️⃣ Their wishlist arrives in your mailbox. Here’s an example: 6️⃣ Order the product(s). Most of them are on Amazon, so it’s easy and fast to have them delivered to you! 🛠 Tech The app is built with Rails on the backend and Elm on the front end. It was my excuse to learn Elm and I really enjoyed writing it 💖 open source for the win - the repo is public, use it as you please 😊 I’m not making any affiliate revenue from the products you purchase. It’s my Christmas present to this lovely community 🤗 Merry Christmas 🎄
@janklimo Looks good! I really like the idea about sending anonymous wizard for the wishlist.
@janklimo I 💙 this! 🎄
@michalhudecek Diky Hudy! 🍻
@abadesi Thank you Abadesi! 😊
Most of the products that were generated for men were alcohol based or used swear words. Most of the female items generated were for pregnant women or brides to be. Stereotypical much?
@antonybearpark thanks for the feedback, Antony. I imported the top products from you are right: some are cool but some not so much. I’ll work on improving this and try adding more product sources 👍
je crée un site sur le même thème ;)