Things you love, straight to your calendar. Wanna know... Check Calio!

Whether it’s Tech/Gadget Releases, Conferences in the Valley or MMA fight nights, with Calio, it's easy to get the events you love straight to your calendar!

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Thank you Raz Karmi for hunting our startup Calio! To the community, you may remember, we were hunted earlier this year in February when our product was still in its early stages - we launched in October 2017. Our USP - Host Accounts: We’ve come a long way since then. Our focus has moved toward bringing the things you love, straight to your calendar. Our key USP versus other calendars is a feature called HOST ACCOUNTS. A Host Account is an account you can follow, (whether it is MMA, The Moon Calendar or Art Galleries) to get their events straight to your calendar. We’ve Created Some Hosts for the Product Hunt Community: You can subscribe to Host Accounts so their events are automatically added to your calendar. We’ve actually created some Hosts for those of you based in America called Conferences In The Valley and Tech & Gadget Hype. These accounts will give you the latest tech conferences or tech/gadget releases, straight to your calendar. Other Features: Calendar Sync - Calio syncs with your other calendars (Google, iCal & Outlook etc…) Sharing - On Calio, you have a social profile which makes it easier to share events & reminders with friends Chats - Every event has its own integrated chat on Calio Product Video: We’ve shared a video about the product here! Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in collaborating or giving us user feedback. Peace & Love. Co-Founders, Latif Baluch & Ramy Al-Kadhi
We’ve been using Calio for over a year but it has been life changing since it has allowed to sync all calendars at one place! 😇
@ravi_sharma happy to hear that Ravi! Indeed, Calio syncs with all calendars, so you can import your events but also export your Calio events to your other calendars.
I have used Calio to merge my 3 calendars (2 work 1 private), so that's been really helpful. I rely on my calendar so much now a days, I can see how bridging the gap between discovery and calendar is something that is needed. Keen to see how the discovery aspect is going to be managed? Will the platform begin to learn what I like and thus refine what it recommends?
@tariq_aris good question! Firstly, we think it's important to note - nothing will go in your calendar unless you've actually joined an event or subscribed to a particular 'Host accounts' As we grow we'll build algorithms to make sure the content you're seeing is relevant to the things you like and follow. e.g. if you've added a lot of Art events to your calendar, we can suggest upcoming Art exhibitions or new Hosts accounts that focus on Art At the moment a lot of the Host accounts are managed by the Calio team, but it's open to the public so anyone can create and manage their own Host account by getting in touch with us. Host account owners can then build their own following and create the events they want to share with their community.
Love the latest updates, very nicely played 🤝 One question about Host Accounts and your plans to add hosts in the future - how do you curate which type you add? Any scope for the community to suggest Host Accounts they'd like to see added?
@sydney_thiam great question Sydney! So we've actually build a business dashboard that is able to create and manage Hosts. The long term vision as Calio grows, is for the content on the Hosts to be created at scale by businesses instead of internally here at Calio. Our role will be to vet the Hosts and ensure they meet the quality requirements on our platform. The Hosts we have focused on currently are a mixed bag, because we are very much at a test and learn stage with this feature. We're currently seeing some promising results with sports tournaments for example, so have added more. We are also experimenting with exclusive releases in tech and fashion. If the community were to suggest Hosts to us, this would only benefit us as we want to know what people want. Every Friday for example, we reach out customers (businesses and consumers) and try and find out what they thing. If you have any you'd like to see, let us know and we may add it :)
Big fan... Beautifully designed and just makes so much more sense!! This space has been ripe for someone to build something brilliant and I reckon Calio may just be it!
@rjodonovan Thanks. Funnily enough we're actually hiring a new designer to take things to a whole new level! We'll keep you updated.