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We were just talking with @poornima yesterday about the need for a "full-stack" self-publishing tool that helps one distribute digitally and in print - has anyone here seen anything of the sort?
@eriktorenberg oh this is very cool! I will check it out, thank you :)
@eriktorenberg I'm working on a "full-stack" digital publishing platform called Packagr, but there's no print component to that. Independent print publishing is a very tricky game. I think digital is the way to go for most self-publishers. Go to print only after you've been validated with lots of digital sales, or you're going to have boxes of books in your closet for years!
@esoelzer look forward to seeing it :)
Also, please donate to the project!
While a conversion tool is great, alternatively, you could just use Liberio ( to create a much cleaner conversion. Calibre really jumbles up the copy/code behind the eBook and doesn't format it properly. It will create a ton of errors. With Liberio, using Drive integration, it creates a clean and simple format for the eBook. Something to consider.
@imcatnoone I disagree. Strongly disagree. Calibre is the best (for me). I am using it for years and I didn't have any problems, especially with the proprietary .mobi format. is something completely different by the way. I don't see why you are mentioning it!
@bogomep Ah okay that's great it has always done well for you! Mentioning because Liberio is a platform that allows you to create cleanly formatted eBooks, so there is never a need to convert. Figured I'd share.
Calibre's been great for me. They also provide a way to push to iOS - not sure if it's the same with Android.
@dangoldin hope you've been well! picking this thread back up :) I'm getting ready to publish my latest book into multiple e-book formats. have you done that and used calibre for it?
I've been using Calibre on Mac for years, and the one thing I really, really wish it handled better was software updates. Downloading a 90mb .dmg every time a dot release comes out (which is every week or so because the developer is awesome) is a pain.