Digital wallet for Libra cryptocurrency

Transfer money to friends and family at home or around the world, all using WhatsApp.
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I have been active in the cyrptocurrency community since 2017 and I must say that Calibra is a huge win for digital currency. Though some people believe that this is a Jab at Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, I actually believe that it is banks that need to be more wary of Calibra. Facebook has a Population of over 2 Billion people across the Family of Apps. Remiitance is a Muti-billion dollar Industry and Calibra will no doubt bite a huge Chunk out of it, the fact that it would be possible to send money instantly to anyone around the world is also a huge win for Digital currency as more people would become aware of it. One of the biggest issue facing the Blockchain is the UI/UX gaps that comes with designing applications around the attributes of a digital currency, but by the looks of it Facebook is crushing that challenge.
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Returning 404 now! It was there just to tease?! Edit: Well, it's up now!
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cool, but whats with the govt id card needed for verification?
@lif_ted Money laundering laws. :)
@lif_ted On the surface, for verification; for Facebook, it's for more data.
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This is a great win that has come on solve the problem on carrying money werever you want to be...
I would strongly advise to go for a different logo.