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I had a lot of hope for, but ultimately was disappointed by, the Weave app, which seems which seems pretty similar to this. What types of people will get serious value from this? I wonder if it would help to make it explicitly mentor/mentee based.
Sorry about the poor experience @eriktorenberg, we're launching improvements everyday. Would love to hear more about what was disappointing - hit me up at Caliber, like Weave, provides value for people connecting over mutual interest. This tends to work well for job searchers/hiring managers, entreprenuers/investors, consultants/clients, bizdev, etc. Mentor/mentee relationships tend to be harder to form since mentors are less likely to swipe interested in mentees without the intent being explicitly expressed.
@zealoustiger hey, really appreciate you reaching out. i can't pinpoint an exact reason - i just tried it for a few days (at SXSW), had some matches, but ultimately didn't really feel like making the effort to meet the people I matched with. (maybe it's not you, it's me :P) maybe it's not anything specific with Weave and just more that the people i'm looking to meet are usually too busy to meet (and perhaps likely to be on the app?) -- it's like that old Groucho Marx quote. BUT. because you kindly reached out, and because i'm genuinely curious, i'm going to reinstall and give it a chance. If I have any new thoughts or change of heart, I'll give you a shout.
@eriktorenberg Ah - yeah, our presence at SXSW this year was lacking. Still got lots to do to ensure quality and build trust in the network, but I think you'll find the Bay Area experience much better than SXSW. Give me a shout whenever, I've been hearing your name a lot from Ryan.
Hey @eriktorenberg, Thanks for your interest and suggestions! When designing Caliber we focused heavily on easing the difficulty and awkwardness of meeting new people. Among the ways we wanted to differentiate ourselves with other new products in this space is to not rely too heavily on proximity. Proximity is a factor on Caliber, however we also factor work experience, skills, and other common links when suggesting people to meet. You can also explicitly search people by company, skill, location, or role to better hunt people down. We envision Caliber being a place to find people you want to work with, hire, learn from, or just build a relationship with for the future. Doing more to foster mentor/mentee relationships is a great suggestion. - Co-founder design/product at Caliber
@calc Looks cool! Couple of things that come to mind: 1. Who is your target audience for this? Could you give an example of a Caliber use case? 2. In all honesty the sign up made me not want to join the site. Seemed like I had to "prove" myself to get on without you really displaying much value to me as a user. The sign up page was a bit exclusionary to those who may not fit any of the buckets listed. 3. Any plans to leverage a Twitter sign up for this? context: most of the interesting people I want to connect with I find on Twitter because i'm able to see their posts, mutual connections and discussions. 3. How do you validate if someone "works in tech"? 4. Also what safeguards are in place? ex. If a new match is not using the platform as intended and you do not want to stay connected or matched?
thanks @belaurie! 1. Broadly our target audience is people in tech. One way in which I use Caliber is to discover smart people w/ particular skills that I can learn from - people who know angular. We also strongly believe in the use case of finding people at events who match you current interests. We want people of all experience levels to benefit from Caliber. We’re not trying to build an exclusive club. 2. Thanks for your honesty. We need to streamline our signup process. While we’re focusing on the tech community now we don’t want to be exclusionary at all. What roles would you suggest adding to help attract a broader base? 3. We would like to leverage social networks. Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn comes to mind. That said, we don’t want to rely on them too heavily to build a strong community. 4. We simply validate people work in tech by looking at the work experience and skills. 5. On the mobile app it is easy to delete matches (swiping like you would to delete an email). Also, anyone you pass in Caliber is not able to contact you - that is another way to “block” others.
@calc I agree the onboarding/sign-up needs to be cleaned up a bit, that you're selling a premium experience and access to quality network is a bit of a fluff "ok but what does that mean?" right now. Needs more tangible examples of what network I'm tapping into and why is it worth my time (as @belaurie said). IMO a hard time getting in doesn't feel out of place, but perhaps there's a better way to present the value that makes it worth getting in as I progress along each step.
Hi @thejulielogan, thanks for your comment. It is nice to know where to set our focus as we iterate on the signup flow. Even outside of the context of Caliber: what network(s) are you most interested in tapping into?
Same concerns as @thejulielogan and @belaurie. I actually abandoned the sign-up process (which suddenly refers me as an "applicant" - kind of a bait-and-switch from the website & app marketing copy). Having to give up my personal email address *and* enable mobile push notifications for zero value--or even access--in return doesn't seem like a fair trade.
A few similar products come to mind: - Weave - Tinder for professionals nearby cc @zealoustiger - Volley - Connect with purpose through short, actionable requests. cc @mimurchison - Meeet - Find Devs and Designers for Side Projects (pre-launch) cc @nhbschr - Jobr - Tinder for job hunting @ThomasPage - CoffeeMe - Tinder for Professional Networking @hsukenooi And those are just the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. How does Caliber compare, @calc?
@rrhoover, Thanks for jumping in! We always felt search was very important and early feedback confirmed this to be true. As a result we tried to anticipate the most valuable search types for real world needs: “designers from great companies”, “top early stage investors”, “mobile experts near me”, etc. We’re trying to build the quickest path to the best people. Another focus is improving on the profile information we show so members can make quick, smart decisions. We also see Caliber as the perfect compliment for large organizations as well as events (big and small). We see chatting on Caliber is the most lightweight way to maintain these relationships over time.
@calc Interesting! I saw how it is different as "t's very hard and awkward to connect with interesting people you don't know. We're fixing that." Looking forward to it!
Thanks @vingar! Exactly. While the tech community can be very open it is still difficult for many people to form new professional relationships, especially if you're transitioning in your career or want to learn something new. We hope to improve that for others (and ourselves). We look forward to having you onboard and learning from your experience using Caliber.
@calc I got the sign up email and completed my profile. It looks promising; thank you! :)
Congrats @calc - happy to see more people innovating in the space. Looking forward to playing with the app more. (Looks like everyone has to wait for approval?). How do you review people after just capturing their email?
Hi @zealoustiger - we're big fans of Weave. We're using the Full Contact API to bring info not only from Linkedin but also from other relevant professional networks. We also have pre-approved a lot of people. So in some cases when adding your email you will be allowed to sign in immediately. Looking forward to getting your feedback!
@andresblank what do you look for when approving people?
@jleebiz we just want to make sure that the people applying work in the tech. We believe that it's important initially to have a focused community to make it easier for people to create meaningful connections.