Calendoo Flights

Find and shortlist cheaper flights on a map

Are you frustrated with flight search engines? Calendoo Flights helps you find cheap flights visually on an interactive map, balancing flexibility with price. The color scale represents not just the price but the cost effectiveness of the results based on distance. Then you can pin results as they come, and compare them later on a timeline.

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Hi, this is Olivier, a global citizen who enjoys backpacking around the world while coding ;) Calendoo started as a continuous timeline/calendar, since I was confused using Outlook when dealing with timezone changes. Also, a multitrack view allowed visualizing different travel options (flights, trains and buses, accommodation, events) to help plan the journey with a great degree of freedom. Today it's best known for the interactive map that makes your search and shortlist process of flights so much easier, especially when you're flexible with dates and airports. If you find a very cheap flight from a nearby city, why not take the opportunity to visit it, meet some friends or relatives there? Calendoo Flights is a web app that also works on your smartphone. Whether you're a traveler, price hacker or calendar geek, your feedback will be appreciated!
Great job!! 😊 Could this be used for India ?
@ayush_chandra Thank you Ayush, absolutely, Indian airlines including low-cost such as SpiceJet are available.