Calendar Watch

The stylish way to keep your schedule on your wrist

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Finally available for purchase—and they've made a code for us hunters to use: enter “producthunt20” to save 20% at checkout! I’ve come to think of this as less of a “smartwatch” and more of a wise one. It’s a timepiece in the literal sense: it shows you the time, and how you’re spending it. Nothing more. The main reason people use watches in the first place is to glance at where they are in their day and relate it to what they have coming up. Calendar Watch has an e-ink screen under the watch face that depicts items on your schedule as darkened blocks. It stays in sync with your phone, automatically updates timezones when you travel, and its battery lasts weeks, not hours. The app lets you select which calendars to pull information from, which to ignore, whether or not to show all day events, and so on. There’s a vibration alert that you can toggle on, but I like to keep it off; this feels more like “Watch Plus” than “Phone Minus” so I’d rather not have notifications on it. Above all else: it’s a good watch. Solidly made, durable, waterproof, and stylish.
Ive been waiting to buy something like this, but a few questions... 1) Does it sync with google calendar? 2) Can you read somewhere in the watch interface what the actual title of the event/meeting is when it comes up?
@jasondainter I checked out their site. Google calendar can sink. It really is minimalist in that you just know you have an appointment, not what the appointment is.
@ljgrohn eek, ok sounds a bit too minimalistic tbh. I have tons of stuff in my calendar so knowing I have something now, without knowing what it is would be more annoying than not having the watch in the first place I fear. Also didnt follow the google calendar comment, did you mean it does implement with that? Looks like a really nice looking watch but functionality wise for me falls shorts.
I am still super into my first WhatWatch, the Classic :) This looks quite cool though.
I'm really digging the watch but the price gets me. I'd like a smart watch, something with notifications of what's up next, text's etc where the Apple Watch or something like the Samsung Gear would suit this, the price of this watch is $300+ which only shows shaded areas of bookings in your calendar, however for ~$350-$460 I can get a Samsung Gear (S3) which does so much more. I guess this is great if your looking for a stylish minimalist (waterproof) watch.
Sami please make a apple watch version of this as well. Ill definitely buy the app.