Calendar Watch

The stylish way to keep your schedule on your wrist


Marius Masalar
@mostlymarius · Tech Writer, Photographer
Finally available for purchase—and they've made a code for us hunters to use: enter “producthunt20” to save 20% at checkout! I’ve come to think of this as less of a “smartwatch” and more of a wise one. It’s a timepiece in the literal sense: it shows you the time, and how you’re spending it. Nothing more. The main reason people use watches in the first plac… See more
Jason Dainter
@jasondainter · International doer of things
Ive been waiting to buy something like this, but a few questions... 1) Does it sync with google calendar? 2) Can you read somewhere in the watch interface what the actual title of the event/meeting is when it comes up?
blake folgado
@blakefolgado · Product Designer🖍 Entrepreneur💻 EF Alum
I am still super into my first WhatWatch, the Classic :) This looks quite cool though.
Braunson Yager
@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
I'm really digging the watch but the price gets me. I'd like a smart watch, something with notifications of what's up next, text's etc where the Apple Watch or something like the Samsung Gear would suit this, the price of this watch is $300+ which only shows shaded areas of bookings in your calendar, however for ~$350-$460 I can get a Samsung Gear (S3) which… See more
Muhammad Gohar
@mgoharshafique · Entrepreneur. Speaker. Founder Araam.pk
Sami please make a apple watch version of this as well. Ill definitely buy the app.