New from Microsoft. Cortana schedules your meetings.

Delegate the scheduling of your meetings to Cortana by simply cc'ing her. Powered by human and machine intelligence.

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seems like msft has integrated the genee tech they acquired and are launching a competitor to
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@msg Thanks for hunting us Michael. Cheers from Seattle :)
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@andresmh πŸ‘‹ congrats!
It's the best thing since Genee!
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I honestly didn't think scheduling meetings was a big deal. I heard people had scheduling tools, but it seemed a bit unnecessary. I mean can't you solve it all with a doodle poll? ...But then I tried out Cortana ...MY LIFE CHANGED ENTIRELY! I realized I did invest a lot of time analyzing when it would make sense to meet, write emails to get people to take the doodle poll or get feedback about when they are available. I looove being free to not have to worry about other people's schedules, or if they have replied to my invitation yet. Cortana takes care about everything. I am FREE. Free to actually focus on research, on ENJOY the MEETING. I also love bragging that I have a bot that helps me schedule meetings. Using Cortana helps me to look cool, techy, and I love the new freedom I have. Kudos to the great team behind Cortana. You are giving FREEDOM to now be able to focus on more interesting projects and revolutionize the world πŸš€ πŸ’ͺ
@saiphcita thanks for the kudos. "ENJOY the MEETING." It's our new tagline!

That was.. well.. disappointing.
@gregoiregilbert Thanks for signing up Greg! I just activated you. Because we ❀ the Product Hunt community, if you sign up with this link ( we’ll bump you to the top of the waitlist.
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@compurbanist thanks Justin! Looking forward to trying it.
@compurbanist @gregoiregilbert hi! would love to be activated as well, just signed up :)
@compurbanist @gregoiregilbert Hi! Signed up through the main link as well - - would love access, too! Thanks so much!
@compurbanist just signed up! Can't wait to try it out.
Very useful
@nivo0o0 Thanks for sharing, and for the tweet! :)